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You Just Might Be Sitting On a Gold Mine


What if your business idea was placed in your mind for a greater purpose and legacy? 

You may already know; although you may not always believe it……but there IS a specific plan and purpose that God has for you here on earth. 

However, most times we allow fear, doubt, or unworthiness to get in the way of our success.

Let me say this to you, friend….You can choose to be fearful and play small or faithful and play full out. The only way one can overcome the other is through feeding it. 

What you FOCUS on, you FEED. 

And what you FEED….GROWS.

If you feed the fear, it will consume your faith leaving you hiding in your comfort zone. On the other hand, constantly nourishing your faith can cripple the fear that limits you from moving forward with your goals. 

The choice is yours on which you want to meditate on. Your fear or your faith.

I’ll tell you now….it won’t always be smooth, perfect, or a winning season. You WILL make mistakes, have slower seasons, and sometimes even question your YES. 

But the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t is that they get past the mistakes faster. They commit to the process because they understand the reward is so much greater than the temporary setbacks.

See yourself being that successful person who just hit your biggest goal. Get that vision in your mind.


How do you feel?

Who is around you celebrating you?

Whose lives are changed because you committed and got it done?

Is your spouse proud of you?

Are your kids beaming with excitement for their mom?

Who is saying ‘thank you’ for not giving up?

Who now believes that THEY can because YOU just showed that it was possible?

Keep that VISION. 

Write it down.

Make a plan.

Get you an accountability partner or mentor.



There’s no harm in trying! Maybe you have come across this email, not by accident but to awaken the calling God has given to your life. 

I believe in you


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